In this new Podcast called “Molecules I’ve Ingested” you should find something quite unexpected, hilarious, and educational. Each episode features a crazy story about different molecules I’ve tried, from legal to illegal. Mostly the latter. Anyway, episode 1 is: “Amazonian Giant Monkey Frog Poison aka The Cambo Ceremony” and it’s an absolute riot. Wait till you hear what Sprinkles and I get up to!

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Note that almost everything I talk about in these pods is illegal in most countries. I am not advising you to try anything and I am advising you to talk to your doctor first. Doctors have heard everything so they will give you a second opinion. I notice there is a huge lack of education out there because many of these things are illegal, so that causes people to not dose the right way, to get their drugs from unscrupulous people, to not be part of the right setting and mindset. I mention this warning in each podcast, so get used to it. I’ll be very honest in the podcast and be clear when I’m changing the names of people or locations for two reasons:
1) I want to experience all these mind-expanding and heart-opening experiences in places where it is legal (an important part of mindset) and
2) I want to protect friends and stories of friends by changing their names when they ask as a favor. For example, episode 1 is a great one about when I saw a shaman in New Zealand to imbibe the poison of the Amazonian Desert Toad in the Kambo ceremony. This is totally legal, believe it or not. So yes, I take a few extra steps to communicate these things because they are important and I want everyone out there to both take care of themselves and move towards consciousness.