Month: June 2019

Trey’s 360 Podcast: Discussing World Building with Author Hugh Howey

In this podcast I’m walking on the Camino de Santiago with author of the popular Silo series, Hugh Howey. We discuss World Building, which is the process fiction writers go through to create the fundamentals of the situation in which the story takes place.

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Trey’s 360 Podcast: Discussing Rituals and Death with Kevin Kelly and Hugh Howey

In this podcast, I am walking with both Kevin Kelly and Hugh Howey. We talk about rituals, in particular, a special ritual he invented for his kids when they turned 21. After that, we talk about death, and our nefarious plans to split up Kevin’s body as a new idea for a death ritual to honor him. It all sounds a bit dour, but it certainly isn’t.

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